Growth mindset



High Growth Founder’s Coaching

Developing skills and mindsets to lead a company

In the US their title is: “Whisperer to the Founder”, in Europe it’s: “Founder’s Coach”. There are many VCs in the US that require, as part of their investment, that the founders invest in their own development and work with a professional to support them through a personal growth process.

This is a professional, safe space, that is free of judgment and criticism. The founders develop their ability for self-inquiry: reflecting on their behaviors, mindsets, decisions and emotions. As a result, they build resilience, and develop new skills and strategies to better navigate their complex and stressful reality.
In this process the founders gain an understanding of their personal growth goals that will enable the startup growth. They increase self-awareness to their blind spots, biases and defense mechanism that impact the scale up of the startup and inhibit growth at the critical inflection points.

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Leading a start-up is a very tough and lonely work. If you are:

Founder who has a strong willingness to improve and develop your leadership and interpersonal skills as your start-up grows.

Founder who holds and embraces growth mindset and has a desire to lead your startup with self-awareness.

Founder who understands the strong linkage between business success to leadership and strategic capabilities

Provide professional consultation and coaching. Accelerating the growth of the founder to meet her/his personal development goals and enable the growth of the start-up.

I facilitate individual and customized processes with each founder that seeks to raise self-awareness, leverage the unique strengths, uncover blind spots and evolve the leadership capacity as the business grows.

Working with professional start-up psychologist allows you to ask fundamental questions, explore your doubts and share thoughts.
This is a non-judgmental and safe space.

The process is customized per person, and might include the following steps:

Understand the company growth strategy, organizational challenges and anchors.

Map the founder’s personal challenges and developmental goals as the business grow.

Optional – use formal leadership assessment tool and psychological interpretation.

Develop personal growth strategy to enable the scale-up of the business.

Define plan, set action, reflect and learn from daily life’s implementation.

Conduct ongoing personal coaching sessions: work through the issues/dilemmas/concerns that are most important to you.

Receive feedback, reflection and insights that help transform mindset and behaviors.

Meeting frequency: weekly session, 60 minutes each
Confidentiality: 100% personal and business-wise
For ROI – Recommended holding at least 6 months process
Payment – usually budget by the company