Let’s talk about how to choose the right co-founder? Or what is the difference between a professional CV and a relationship CV?

Many founders choose their co-founder(s) based on their network, skillset, professional experience, academic credentials, career history etc.
Reality proves that basing this critical decision on the information in a traditional CV is not enough.
You can’t relay only on these credentials to define if you can really work together with this specific person (in the most stressful, dynamic and chaotic work).

You need to also check the relationship CV.
This relationship résumé includes how each of us communicates, builds trust, navigates uncertainty, manages power dynamics, and approaches conflict. And it can tell you so much more about whether you should start a company with someone than a traditional CV.

Start asking the below questions:

1. What would you do if you had a different career?
2. When was the last time you made a mistake? How do you acknowledge your fallibility?
3. What helps you to change your mind, tell me a situation when you changed your mind around bis issue?
4. How do you define failure, share a case where you faced failure
5. What happens to you in conflicts? Tell me a story when you faced a huge conflict with someone.
6. Who owes you an apology? Who need to receive your apology?
7. Share with me a case when you didn’t accept something you deserve.
8. Tell me who was your best partner at work? What made him/her the best partner?
9. What do you need more: security or adventure? Money or innovation? Relationship or exciting mission?
10. Who was your worst partner at work? Why?
11. When you are at your best?

And mainly ASK YOURSELF: how do you feel with this person during the conversation? Heard, understood, valued, comfortable?